I strongly believe that quality teaching should be at the top of any academic’s priority. Teaching is also a great tool for self-learning. It brings about the highest level of mastering a subject – often driven by the interaction with students and peers.

Many of the greatest scientists were also excellent teachers who understood that educating the next generation, and propagating knowledge is a task of great importance.

Teaching history

  • 20162016

    Lecturer - ``Physics II``

    Tel-Aviv University

  • 20172012

    Teaching assistant (``Electromagnetic fields``,``Electromagnetic fields for biomedial engineering``

    Tel-Aviv University

    • Won the university rector excellence in teaching award (2014), and engineering faculty teaching award (2014,2016)
    • List of top 100 teaching assistants in Tel-Aviv university 4 years in a row (2013-2016)

  • 20102005

    Mathematics and Physics teacher

    Pre-academic center - Technion - Israel institute of technology.